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“Snazzy Sculpting”

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Nadine Moreland, Founder of “Snazzy Sculpting;” a well-rounded entrepreneur. I’ve always wanted to be my own BOSS, so I stepped out on “FAITH” and built “Snazzy Sculpting”. My goal is to make sure Snazzy Sculpting stand out and gravitate towards our clients with “positive” energy!

Services Offered:

:Consultation (30 Minutes) - Determine how many sessions will be needed. $45.00

:BUTTOCKS ENHANCEMENT (1 hour session) - Buttocks Enhancement quickly improves the butt shape without the need for silicone injections or surgery. This is for natural body shaping, specifically designed for butt enlargement. (Buttocks Lift Trainer included). $155.00

:DETOX SAUNA/BODY WRAP (30 minutes) -(Stomach wrapping, Detox Sauna). (30 minute session - $65.00) (60 minute session - $95.00) ADD Slimming Gel - $25.00 Additional. ADD Waste Trainer & Slimming Gel - $50.00 Additional.

:HIP ENHANCEMENT (1 hour session) - "Hip Enhancement service, “5” sessions required to see FULL RESULTS. $110.00

:NON-SURGICAL BREAST LIFT (1 hour session) - Non-Invasive lifting and tightening of the skin around the breast tissue in about an hour. $105.00

:RADIO FREQUENCY/SKIN TIGHTENING, LASER CAVITATION, MOLDING - (1 hour session) - Lipo Cavitation is calibrated only to target fat cells. During this procedure, ultrasonic waves begin to break down the fat cells that are being targeted. $145.00

:V-STEAM - 30 MIN.: $65.00 / 90 MIN.: $95.00

:SHAKE THE FAT MACHINE - 30 MIN.: $30.00 / 45 MIN.: $45.00



:SLIMMING GEL - $25.00

:BUTT LIFTER - $25.00



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